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Basic Screenplay Formatting

Date Added: September 14, 2013 04:50:59 AM
Author: karllinsy
Category: Education and Training
Keep in mind that a screenplay is visual. This is why books are often quite different when adapted into movies. Your characters' dialogue supports their actions. There is a very specific format when it comes to the way a screenplay is written: • Must be formatted using Courier 12-point font. • The left hand margin should be set at 1 1/2" and the remaining margins set to 1". • Page numbers must be in the upper right hand corner, 1/2" from the top of the page. • Page numbers begin on the second page. • The title page and first page do not have page numbers. • Every script begins with the word "FADE IN", capitalized at the left margin. The a two line space where you will enter your first scene heading. Each scene has what is called a "Scene Heading". This means that every time your characters move to a different location, the scene has a new title, or heading. Writing a Scene contains of five main factors: • Characters - Define who is in the scene. • Location - Where is it taking place? • Situation - What is happening? • Time - When is the scene taking place (year, date, time, etc...)? • Reason - Why is this happening? INT is used for interior scene, and EXT is used for exterior scene. You will then list a very brief description of where the scene is going to take place at, as well as during daytime or nighttime. Narration Rules: • Must begin at the left margin. • Try to limit a block of narration to 4-5 lines. • Always use the present tense when narrating. • Avoid overly detailed descriptions. Narration Rules Specific to the First Block: • You want to set the tone with a slightly more descriptive narration then you would use at any other time in the movie. This is to help the movie flow and give viewers a general idea of what's going on. • You should include a brief physical description of your main character, assuming they are in the opening scene. Dialogue Rules: • You must make a 2" indentation. • List the character's name who will be speaking. • Go down one line and make a 1" indentation. • Compose your dialogue. • Dialogue can be no longer than 3 1/2" across the page. If you reach this length you must go down one line and make 1" indentation. This is to keep the left hand margin aligned. The first 1-5 pages of your screenplay will be what is called "the hook" which is what gets the viewers interested, and makes them want to continue watching. This is a very critical part of your screenplay. Before starting your screenplay you should make sure you know what all of your plot points are, who all of your characters are, and where you want it all to end up. buy essay cheap


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