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3 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid With Article Marketing (Read This!)

Date Added: August 30, 2013 12:06:24 PM
Author: karllinsy
Category: Education and Training
Marketing with Articles is an excellent way to get your name out there on the internet and has many benefits including • giving you the opportunity to show your knowledge and expertise • showing that you totally understand your field of expertise or your niche • providing you with a way to include a link back to one of your website pages relevant to the article. All of this is the great (good) news! I do see some folks missing out on crucial steps when they write articles, and I want to share those with you now. Step 1 - Avoid Missing Out on the Biggest & Best Reason to Write an Article I've just been reading some of the latest articles on, and was very surprised to see a new article which had NO link back to the author's website. This means this lady has put in a lot of hard work and effort in writing a compelling article, but did not provide the reader with a way to contact her. I quickly checked the other 3 articles she has posted this week, and was totally dismayed to see there are no links on any of the articles. I wanted to email her to let her know it's not too late to update her articles... but there was no way to do so. What to do instead When publishing an article on an article distribution website, take advantage of being able to add a link back to a relevant page on your website, or to your blog, or a YouTube video etc. In the case I just mentioned, there is no "Call to Action" asking me to do something after I've read the article. Remember that every article needs a Call To Action at the end of it, so you can direct the reader to do something of your choice - what would you like them to do NEXT? Go sign up on your site for your newsletter, your irresistible offer, your Course or product or service? Tell them. And provide a link. This is a crucial part of publishing an article online. Step 2 - Avoid Being Boring or Dull Yawwwwwwn... oh, sorry! Didn't mean to nod off there for a moment. That's right, your article might be factual but is it going to hold the attention of a reader? Will it be interesting enough for the reader to want to contact you at the end of reading it, or will they just nod off in boredom? What to do instead When you're writing your article, imagine you're writing to a friend of yours and explain your article's topic in a way which your friend will understand. Many people write in a dry manner assuming that it's best to write for an anonymous potential reader, but I find that writing in an engaging way as though I'm explaining something to a friend (who has no knowledge of the subject) is (1) much easier to write and (2) more interesting for the reader. Step 3 - Avoid Writing in Complex Terminology If you've got specialist knowledge on a topic which is highly technical, it's quite natural to want to write about it and show all your technical expertise, but this might not be the right WAY to show that "technical" information. Articles are generally a quick read, and you don't want the reader scratching their head and wondering what all those acronyms of tech phrases are. What to do instead Think about the length of the article you'd like to write - is it best to fill it full of technical complexities above the head of most readers, or is it better to write about one component in an easy-to-follow way? Try to imagine the person you're writing to knows absolutely nothing about your field of expertise, but has been asked to do some research. If they come across 5 articles with similar "topics" or Title, you can make yours easier to read and digest by writing in a manner which makes it very easy to understand your one concept. If you look back at Step 2 and imagine you're writing a letter to a friend who doesn't know much about your complex field, make it easier for them to understand by writing in less-technical terms. You might be pleasantly surprised. In fact, take this one step further and ask a friend to read your article, to see if they get the concept without feeling overwhelmed by your words. buy essay


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